Spur on the heel

Spur symptoms on heel

Spur Heel Treatment

The heel spur is a disease characterized by painful sensations in the sole area, which is caused by the formation of bone growth of the heel bone at the site of attachment of the plantar muscle.

Spur symptoms on heel

At the onset of the disease, pain occurs when walking.

It is especially difficult to start walking when a sharp pain arises under load. Then during the day, the pain while walking somewhat subsides, and by the end of the day it intensifies again. Over time, the pain becomes persistent. In working patients, the spur on the heel leads to a decrease in efficiency and loss of working days.

Patients with overweight, diseases of the spine and large joints of the lower extremities, flatfoot , as well as athletes with prolonged local overloads of this area have a predisposition to the development of spurs on the heels . 

Spur Heel Treatment

Currently, the treatment of heel spurs is to provide unloading using various kinds of insoles and thrust bearings, physiotherapy complex treatment:

  • mud applications
  • ultrasound therapy
  • mineral baths
  • local administration of hormones.

In the absence of effect – surgical treatment (excision of bone overgrowth and excision of altered tissues).

The traditional treatment of the spur on the heel requires a long time (from 3 to 6 weeks).

Shock wave therapy (SWT) – the principle of the method is based on the fact that the shock waves generated using a special apparatus are not retained by the aqueous medium and soft tissues of the human body, and therefore do not cause any damage, since the acoustic resistance of these environments are almost the same.

At the same time, waves have a devastating effect on bones and calcifications, since their acoustic resistance is usually 5 times higher than the acoustic resistance of water.

Such a course of spur treatment on heels consists of 3-5 sessions using low and medium level shock waves. One session takes 15-20 minutes with an interval of 7-10 days.

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