Hepatitis C

Transmission method

Manifestations of hepatitis C


Hepatitis C treatment

Hepatitis C is a viral liver disease that occurs with diffuse inflammation of the liver.

The genome is represented by RNA.

Transmission method

  • intravenously, intramuscularly (during transfusion of blood and its drugs, hemodialysis, injections, surgical and dental treatment);
  • sex with a person infected with a virus C.

Manifestations of hepatitis C

The incubation period is 20–90 days.

In most patients with chronic hepatitis C, the disease is asymptomatic. If complaints exist, then it is most often

  • weakness,
  • dull pain in the right hypochondrium,
  • nausea,
  • loss of appetite
  • itchy skin
  • pains in muscles and joints.

Hepatitis C is characterized by a wavy course; the probability of transition to the chronic form for the icteric form is 50%, for other acute forms it is approximately 85%.


  • Blood chemistry;
  • General blood analysis;
  • PHK-HCV (PCR). RNA virus detected in serum after 1-2 weeks. after infection;
  • Anti-HCV (ELISA, Western blot turns ); antibodies to viral proteins; in test systems, IgM (activity markers) and IgG are determined.

Hepatitis C treatment

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Hepatitis C vaccine has not yet been created due to the high variability of the virus.

Interferon preparations

The main drug, whose effectiveness in the treatment of hepatitis C is proven, is interferon alpha (intron A). The optimal treatment regimen for chronic hepatitis C is currently a combination of intron A and ribavirin .

Recommended: 3 million IU of Intron A p / c or v / m 3 p / week . or every other day in combination with rebetol 1000–1200 mg / day . for 6 months, then examine the RNA of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in serum (twice). With a positive result, the continuation of treatment according to this scheme is of little prospect. In the absence of HCV RNA, treatment should continue for up to 12 months.

Use of PegIntron at a dose of 1.5 mcg / kg 1 time / week . instead of the usual interferon alpha, if necessary, reduce the dose of ribavirin to 800 mg / day.

With good tolerability of both drugs, the PegIntron combination at a dose of 1.5 µg / kg 1 time / week is optimal . and ribavirin at a daily dose of 13 mg / kg 2 mg / kg daily. Such a protocol allows achieving a stable response in more than 60% of cases, including 88% of cases in patients infected with HCV 2 or 3 genotypes.

Lamivudin is taken daily once in a dose of 100 mg orally without regard to meals. The combination of lamivudine with intron increases the effectiveness of treatment.

Hepatitis C Diet

Pevzner table number 5.

Meal 5 times a day in the crushed look.

  • vegetarian fruit, milk soups, cereal soups on vegetable broth,
  • boiled meat, poultry low-fat varieties, boiled lean fish,
  • milk, sour milk, kefir, acidophilus milk, cottage cheese up to 200 g per day,
  • cereal and flour dishes (except for baking), white bread, black stale,
  • ripe fruits, berries (except sour varieties), raw, baked, boiled,
  • vegetables and greens boiled and raw (especially carrots, beets),
  • jam, honey, sugar (up to 70 g per day),
  • vegetable, fruit juices in significant quantities,
  • tea is not strong with milk.


  • fats (cream, butter up to 10 g, vegetable oil 20–30 g),
  • egg (one per day).


  • alcoholic beverages
  • liver, brains, fat,
  • legumes, mushrooms, spinach, sorrel, onions,
  • muffin
  • fatty meats, fish,
  • fried, spicy, smoked products,
  • extractives of meat, fish,
  • spices, vinegar, canned food,
  • ice cream, cocoa, carbonated drinks, chocolate, creams).

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