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Roseola Symptoms


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Complications and prognosis

Roseola is an acute viral pediatric infection caused by a particular virus. It manifests itself in a three-day fever without any other symptoms, and after the temperature is normalized, a rash similar to   rubella.

Roseola proceeds favorably and practically does not give complications.

The reasons

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Roseola or sudden rash is caused by the herpes virus of the sixth type, affecting children from six months to 3-4 years. Most often, children are ill for about a year.

In children older than five years, roseola almost never occurs. Previously, she was often mistaken for rubella, and therefore there was no complete vaccination of children for rubella.

Roseola is often not diagnosed as a disease, it is mistaken for other childhood infections, but more often it is regarded as an allergic rash on medications.

Roseola Symptoms

Roseola begins with a sharp rise in temperature, sometimes up to 39 degrees or more. At the same time, there are no symptoms other than fever. Often, a fever is not associated with an infection, but with   teething , which is actively going at this age.

A special feature of fever with roseola is its duration – it stays almost 3 days and does not react much to antipyretic drugs. By the fourth day of the disease, it sharply decreases to normal values, and almost simultaneously with the normalization of temperature, a rash on the skin occurs.

Pale pink, with spots up to 3-5mm, some spots are surrounded by a pale border. The rash spreads from the back to the stomach and chest.   Hands, feet and face are free from rashes.

Rashes keep no more than two days, disappearing without a trace, rarely can peeling remain. Rarely there is only fever without a rash with viral changes in the blood picture. With manifestations of fever and rash, children can be drowsy, capricious, eat worse.


An accurate diagnosis is rarely made, since the disease, although not uncommon, is usually not set.

Differential diagnosis is performed with rubella and   allergies , because the rash is very similar in appearance, and for three days of a febrile period, children usually get a lot of medication, which could provoke an allergy. In addition, when taking antiallergic drugs rash “passes”. What is considered additional evidence, although it would have passed in any case.

Distinctive features of roseola from all other diseases:

  • a rash occurs after three days of fever, just against the background of a drop in temperature,
  • rash does not itch
  • rash does not happen on the face.

Blood tests for rozeole do not provide information on the exact cause of the disease, it is possible to identify only viral lesions using them. lymphocytosis no shift formula.

Roseola treatment

Roseola is treated by a pediatrician, children are treated at home, hospitalization is not required in most cases, the principles of general treatment are followed. SARS.

It is necessary to increase the consumption of the amount of liquid in the form of a warm drink – tea with lemon, a decoction of lime blossom, tea with chamomile. When high fever shows antipyretic (paracetamol or nurofen ), wiping with a damp sponge, light clothing.

In case of febrile convulsions due to high fever, an ambulance call is necessary.

Vitamin preparations, antiviral therapy in the form of suppositories with viferon, interferon in drops in the nose, viburcol in candles are shown . When the rash appears, no additional drugs are required.

Complications and prognosis

The main complication on the background of roseola may be febrile seizures due to high temperature, which occur in children under three years of age. There may also be microbial complications in the form of  otitis, pneumonia or bronchitis against the background of reduced immunity.

On average, roseola is like 5-7 days without special therapeutic measures. The prognosis is favorable, the immunity remains for life, children over 5 years old are practically not ill with roseola.

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