The reasons

Symptoms of periodontitis


Periodontitis treatment


Periodontitis is an inflammatory lesion of the surrounding tissues of the tooth, resulting in the disruption and weakening of the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth, which can lead to pathological movement and loosening of the teeth. 

The reasons

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Periodontitis is caused by three main groups of causes:

  • incomplete removal of plaque and deposits of tartar, leading to microbial infection and inflammation of periodontal tissues.
  • injury to periodontal tissues by crowns, filling, medical procedures,
  • Allergy to certain medications.

In addition to immediate causes, there are also risk factors in the development of periodontitis:

  • violation of hormonal metabolism,
  • metabolic disorder,
  • weakening the immune defense
  • bite defects,
  • constant eating too soft food
  • inadequate chewing load.


Dentists share periodontitis on several separate criteria.

First of all, periodontitis is divided by severity into:

  • lightweight, with a depth of periodontal pockets up to 3.5 mm,
  • medium-heavy , with a depth of pockets from 4 to 5 mm,
  • heavy with a depth of pockets more than 6 mm.

By the prevalence of periodontitis is divided into:

  • localized, only certain areas of the jaw are affected,
  • generalized, completely affects the entire jaw.

Symptoms of periodontitis

Periodontitis arises initially in a mild degree, can be for a long time not noticed by the patient, do not disturb. This leads to the progression of the disease.

The initial manifestations of periodontitis can be bleeding in the gums, discomfort and itching around the teeth, manifestations of pain when biting or chewing, the appearance of mouth odor.

If treatment is not started, the symptoms progress, and chronic, generalized periodontitis develops.

It manifests itself quite pronounced pain when chewing, displacement and loosening of the teeth. Under this condition of the oral cavity, oral hygiene is hampered, which leads to the deepening of periodontal pockets and exposure of the roots of the teeth. There is severe periodontitis, which is already treated surgically.


In the initial stages of periodontitis , a special instrument is used to measure the depth of the dento-gingival canals. This is especially important when determining local periodontitis. In the case of a generalized process, the diagnosis is already obvious upon examination; a review X-ray of the jaw is recommended to clarify the condition of the bone tissue.

Periodontitis treatment

First of all, a professional medical cleaning of the teeth from the imposition of tartar and plaque.

When inflammation of the gums shown rinsing decoction of herbs with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. In severe cases, include antibiotic treatment. When removing deep deposits of tartar, special methods are applied using dental instruments.

With periodontitis , restorative therapy, immunocorrection, and vitamin intake are carried out . If the mobility of teeth is increased, their splinting is used to strengthen them in the tooth hole.


In order to prevent periodontitis, it is necessary to regularly visit the dentist with cleaning the teeth, timely treatment of caries , removal of tartar and regulation of prostheses and oral cavity structures. 

It is important to often eat solid food in order to stimulate cleaning of the teeth, as well as to use special pastes.

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