Bloody issues

Normal bleeding

Pathological secretions

Spotting and pregnancy

Postpartum discharge

After intrauterine interventions

Discharge after taking the drugs

The bleeding from the genital tract should always alert the woman, as they usually talk about trouble. Spotting have different intensity:

  • slight spotting
  • bleeding specks
  • copious discharge, even bleeding.

Blood can be scarlet, bright, dark, clotted and coagulated, brown in color.

Normal bleeding

Bloody up to menses can be a sign of a shift in the menstrual cycle towards shortening due to various reasons. This is a completely permissible phenomenon, like spotting after menstruation, of a smearing character, especially against the background of stress or a drastic change in the situation.

There may also occasionally be discharge from ovulation, bloody, spotting or brownish. If they are short and painless – it is not dangerous. Sometimes in the presence of cervical erosion, there may be discharge after sex due to contact bleeding from injured vessels.  

Pathological secretions

Spotting in the middle of the cycle is most often a sign of pathology – important signs will be the amount of discharge, the state of health when they appear and the phase of the cycle. 

Spotting between menstruation can be abundant – as a type of breakthrough bleeding, this is a reason to seek immediate help. Bleeding can be brown, very dark, like clotted blood, 1-2 tsp in volume on a daily napkin. This is a reason to consult a doctor.

The discharge may be smearing, pink in color – this may be a sign of defects in the cervix.

In addition, bleeding may be a sign:

  • menstrual disorders, hormonal disruptions,
  • adenomyosis of the uterus, 
  • ectopic pregnancy,
  • – tumor of the cervix or uterus,
  • uterine fibroids, polyps,
  • endometrial hyperplasia,
  • inflammatory processes in the endometrium.

Other causes of bleeding between periods can be problems of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands, disorders of the pituitary gland, taking oral contraceptives, the use of drugs for emergency contraception, the use of estrogen-containing supplements, sharp fluctuations in weight.

Spotting and pregnancy

During a normal pregnancy bleeding should not be.

Spotting instead of menstruation with little or no delay may be a sign of pregnancy and the emerging threat of its termination. You must pass a pregnancy test and consult a doctor.

The bleeding during pregnancy can be of varying intensity – from minor spotting to bleeding. Especially dangerous are lower abdominal pain, bleeding and malaise. This is a sign of a miscarriage , usually in such cases hospitalization is applied, duphaston is prescribed, the discharge gradually disappears. 

Bleeding during pregnancy may occur in late pregnancy – this may be a sign of the threat of premature birth or placental abruption. Immediate hospitalization is required.  

In the later stages of pregnancy, bloody discharge may occur after the examination due to the softening of the cervix and its slight injury.

Postpartum discharge

After childbirth, the uterus is an extensive wound surface, and its cavity is gradually reduced, closing the bleeding vessels.

The bloody discharge after childbirth initially resembles a copious menstruation, but as the uterus recovers, it gradually becomes succinic, and then mucous. Approximately by the end of 2-3 weeks the excretions should become yellowish and not abundant.

After intrauterine interventions

Often, women interrupt pregnancy by abortion , or curettage of the uterus is done for diagnostic purposes. 

Restoration of the uterine lining after such an intervention takes several days; therefore, bleeding, resembling menstruation, may occur. Gradually, in 2-4 days, they should become sugaric and pass completely.

Discharge after taking the drugs

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There is a group of drugs usually of hormonal origin that can cause bleeding.

Most often, spotting or minor bleeding occurs in the first couple of cycles of oral contraceptives, such as janin, yarin, regulon: bleeding with scanty, non-durable.

Often, bleeding can cause emergency contraception, postinor drug due to a shock dose of hormones causes the appearance of bleeding by type of menstruation. Unfortunately, the drug is unsafe for health, it causes a very strong hormonal shift.

The appearance of any bleeding from the genital tract, not associated with physiological menstruation – this is the reason for going to the doctor and conducting examinations and treatment.

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