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Itching in the vagina is a subjectively unpleasant sensation of burning, irritation or discomfort, resulting from various kinds of painful causes. This is not a disease, it is a pathological symptom, a signal of the body about violations in the vagina. It usually occurs with signs of itching or inflammatory processes in the external genitalia of a woman.

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The feeling of itching or irritation in the vaginal area is the main reason for seeking help from a gynecologist. This symptom may occur as a result of many infectious diseases, as well as be the result of general diseases of the body, metabolic disorders, or even psychological factors. Subjectively, vaginal itching brings discomfort to the woman and can disrupt her habitual activity and intimate relationships.

Causes of itching

There are several separate groups of causes associated with itching in the vagina. These include:

  • gynecological pathology,
  • extragenital pathology (diseases of the body),
  • the influence of external, non-infectious factors.

For gynecological causes of itching include:

  • inflammation of the vulva and vagina,
  • disruption of vaginal microflora with development bacterial vaginosis,
  • inflammation of the cervix,
  • inflammatory processes of the vagina fungal nature ( candidiasis other),
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • aggravation genital herpes,
  • development of condylo and papillomas,
  • cancer and tumor processes of the vagina and genitals,
  • omission or prolapse of the uterus and vagina,
  • atrophic processes of the vagina during menopause,
  • formation of urinary or other fistulas.

The group of diseases that can cause vaginal itching include:

  • urinary tract infections
  • diseases of the rectum,
  • sugar diabetes and other endocrine pathologies (disorders of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands),
  • leukemia and tumor processes in the body,
  • liver damage,
  • skin diseases
  • helminthic invasions ( pinworms, roundworm),
  • allergy,
  • mental disorders with the formation of an obsessive itching sensation in different parts of the body, including in the genital area.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the itching

  • due to the use of contraceptives or lubricants (spermicides, lubricant condoms, lubricants ),
  • after microtrauma and soreness as a result of sexual intercourse,
  • after the use of bactericidal intimate hygiene products (gels, intimate soaps),
  • as a result of taking certain medications that affect the vaginal microflora (antibiotics, antifungals, hormones).

Sometimes the cause of the itch is not exactly established, and it is considered idiopathic, it is mainly associated with the phases of the menstrual cycle and is not pronounced.

Mechanism of occurrence

Usually, an unpleasant subjective feeling of itching in the vagina is caused by inflammation or irritation of its walls by various chemical or biological substances.

As a result, the nerve sensory endings in the area of ​​the mucous membrane perceive the signals and transmit them to the brain, where they are transformed into weak pain impulses perceived by the body as a feeling of itching.

Perhaps the formation of impulses by type of central – a feeling of itching arises not because of local causes, but because of constant thoughts about it or because of irregularities in the brain (psychogenic itching), that is, the impulses are initially generated in the head.

The manifestations of itching in the vagina

The main manifestation of itching is a strong unpleasant sensation in the vagina, causing a desire to comb the crotch area. Sometimes it brings relief from the use of water, douching, rubbing with a washcloth. As a result of scratching, the skin and mucosa are injured, and the use of douching with different solutions drastically changes the true picture of the disease. Usually, itching in the vagina may be accompanied by additional manifestations:

  • itching of the labia and perineum,
  • secretions of a different nature from the genital tract,
  • rashes on the skin of the large genital lips or mucous membranes,
  • the appearance of an unpleasant smell
  • pains in the lower abdomen and in the crotch zone,
  • dry vaginal area
  • foreign body sensation in the area
  • bloody or smearing  secretions.

The intensity of itching may be mild, to which a woman pays attention only at rest or before bedtime, and may be unbearable, disrupting livelihoods. Itching can be periodic and constant, associated with menstruation or ovulation.

Vaginal itching is provoked or intensified when wearing tight clothing, synthetic underwear, thong panties, and panty liners, as the process of natural skin ventilation is disturbed.


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Diagnosis depends on the causes of itching, and begins with an examination of the genital area and vaginal examination. The basis of laboratory diagnostics are:

  • smear on flora,
  • bak.sevy separated from the vagina,
  • smear examination by PCR and ELISA,
  • a study of feces for the presence of parasites,
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs,
  • expert advice if necessary.

Treatment of itching in the vagina

Gynecologists deal with the treatment of itchiness in the vagina, if necessary they involve other specialists – therapists, dermatologists, allergists, and neurologists.

The method of treatment of itching depends on the specific reason causing it:

  • in the infectious process, local and systemic antimicrobials are used,
  • antifungal drugs are used for fungal infections,
  • in case of allergies antihistamines and sedatives are used,
  • vaginal suppositories or tablets with anti-inflammatory, antipruritic or complex effects can be used ,
  • if necessary, use hormonal therapy, treatment by specialists, physiotherapy methods.

For psychogenic causes of itching, psychotherapy and sedatives are used, for endocrine disorders, hormonal agents, for diabetes, blood sugar levels are adjusted.

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